Academic Formation and Catalog





The content of the Master's of Divinity Program is in the four areas of formation: Academic, Human, Spiritual, and Pastoral.

The formation program for ordination is a five-year process for those who have the prerequisites as reflected and established for Catholic Seminaries in the Decree on Priestly Formation of Vatican II, and in the fifth edition of the Program of Priestly Formation (PPF) issued by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops of the United States. For those candidates transferring from other formation programs, the Seminary requires a minimum of two years in residence before recommendations to major orders can be given.

The Formation Program for ordination is a process that involves the whole person in the teaching and traditions of the Church. This process presupposes and requires the following of each candidate:

  1. that a diocese or religious community has accepted him as a seminarian;
  2. a healthy condition, both physically and psychologically;
  3. attitudes, openness and depth that reflect a priestly vocation;
  4. the establishment of habits, attitudes, and practices in the spiritual life that will continue after ordination;
  5. the liturgical/sacramental formation that reflects the tradition and the public prayer life of the Church;
  6. the intellectual appropriation of the Gospel and Tradition of the Church;
  7. pastoral attitudes and experiences that witness to the seminarian's preparedness for ministry;
  8. community participation that reflects the commitment which the seminarian aspires to make as a priest;
  9. openness to serve all people and to this seminary's bilingual and multicultural chrism.

Within the four areas of formation, the Program provides a breadth of exposure to, and a depth of understanding within, the theological disciplines.