Formation Components

Human Formation

The primary purpose of the Seminary is to form priests who, in the area of human formation:

  • have the emotional and psychological maturity for Christian living and priestly service;
  • have the capacities for sound prudential judgment;
  • have attained a level of self-acceptance and confidence necessary to relate well to others and to function as a friend, team-member, and leader in the Church.

The role of the Seminary is to nurture and nourish personal and human growth that is healthy. "Candidates to the priesthood must give evidence of an overall personal balance, moral character, and proper motivation. This includes the requisite human, moral, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and psychological qualities for priestly ministry." (PPF #512)

Each applicant to the formation program of St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary must undergo physical and psychological examinations as part of the entrance requirements. The physical and psychological well-being of the priest is very important since he will be ordained to assist others in human and spiritual growth. The Formation Program will challenge the candidate to examine and change attitudes and habits that do not free him for the ministry. The seminary is prepared, through trained personnel and facilities, to help the candidate in this aspect of formation.

In addition, the program of human formation provides opportunities through which the seminarian may grow in emotional maturity, moral integrity, and public witnesses. The program helps seminarians to develop an understanding of the cultural realities and structures within which the Catholic Church lives and carries out its mission.

So that the Seminary may respond to the requirements for this area of formation, the Board of Trustees has mandated the seminarians active participation in yearly Chaste Celibate and Substance Abuse Workshops. The Seminary holds these workshops during Closed Weekends. Closed weekends are weekends when all seminarians are required to remain on campus. (Cf. The Seminarian Handbook for additional information on the M.Div. Degree Human Formation requirements)

Pastoral Formation

Our Mission in the area of pastoral formation:

  • To develop the pastoral skills and sensitivity necessary in the proclamation of the Gospel and in leading divine worship;
  • To develop decisive leadership skills and the ability to work collaboratively and professionally with men and women;
  • To be able to work successfully in a multicultural, multiethnic setting;
  • To achieve a ministerial integration that combines pastoral excellence with a life of prayer and gospel simplicity.

Spiritual Formation

Our mission in the area of spiritual formation:

  • To express a commitment to the Lord in a daily habit of personal prayer, Liturgy of the Hours, and love of Scripture;
  • To have an abiding love for the sacramental life of the Church and the Church's tradition (e.g., practice of the daily Eucharist and frequent personal recourse to the Sacrament of Reconciliation).;
  • To have a deeper understanding and commitment to priesthood through a life lived in celibate chastity, obedience, simplicity of life, and flexibility in serving God's people;
  • To have a solid devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints.