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1. St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminay (SVdP) began when Archbishop Joseph Hurley, 6th Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine, which is the Mother Diocese of Florida, purchased 80 acres of land west of Boynton Beach in 1955. It wasn't until 1963, however, that the chapel, dorm rooms, classrooms, refectory, auditorium, and faculty offices were built. In 1995, a separate free standing library and administration building was constructed. In 2013, an expansion of the campus was approved. Two dormitory wings are currently under construction which will add 76 new dormitory rooms to the campus. Existing dormitory rooms will be renovated.  There will also be guest rooms available for continuing education and other related purposes. Construction is expected to be completed in the winter of 2014.

The Seminary has over 700 alumni of which more than 300 are actively serving throughout the State of Florida. SVdP seminarians are from all Dioceses in Florida as well as the Dioceses of San Juan, Nassau, Savannah, GA, Richmond VA., and the Archdiocese of Hartford, CT.   The nearest major seminaries to us are 840 miles to the west, and 1,040 miles to the north.

2. A candidate studying for the priesthood must complete both four years of undergraduate work and five years at the major seminary. Those who successfully complete four years of study in theology will receive a Masters of Divinity degree. However, seminarians are also required to fulfill a pastoral year, living and working in a parish, before being eligible for priestly ordination.

3. The motto, "Priestly Formation for the 21st Century", means fulfilling the goals and objectives included in the Program of Priestly Formation, which is a document produced by the Bishops' Committee on Priestly Formation and formally approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in June 2005.   Seminarians need to incorporate four core areas of formation, i.e., human, academic, spiritual, and pastoral, as well as meet the challenges of a complex, multi-cultural Church.  Todays priests must be prepared to encounter a diverse and rapidly changing society. Candidates for the priesthood must be able to demonstrate an open and flexible approach to growing in their faith and be committed to making a positive impact within the Church and the broader society in which they find themselves. SVdP is bi-lingual and multi-cultural, providing its graduates with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to meet the needs of their parishes and parishioners.

4. Seminarians are provided with financial assistance through the Vocation Office of their respective diocese. The cost associated with the education of a seminarian is approximately $32,040 per year. This cost includes: tuition, room and board, books, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses. Seminarians may also be eligible to seek additional financial assistance, if needed.

5. Applicants must have previously obtained a four year bachelor degree from an accredited college or university to be admitted to SVdP. There are two Master Degree programs being offered by SVdP: Seminarians to the Roman Catholic priesthood who successfully complete their studies are issued a Masters of Divinity, while all other students studying theology will receive a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies.  Currently, our student body includes diocesan seminarians, religious (both Catholic and non-Catholic) and lay persons.

6. For a seminarian to be admitted to study for the priesthood, they must have completed four years of undergraduate studies, typically including philosophy, at an accredited college or university and received a bachelors degree. They must also obtain approval/recommendation from a Bishop, typically from within the United States.  A personal background check must be preformed, including criminal and credit checks. Psychological testing is also required at a minimum. Finally, a panel of SVdP faculty must interview and approve all applicants. This review process continues throughout each seminarian's period of formation and studies at SVdP.

7. St. John Vianney in Miami is a college seminary that provides undergraduate education for students whose stated objective is to serve the Catholic Church as a priest. SVdP is a graduate college and major seminary. The majority of graduates from St. John Vianney further their studies at St. Vincent de Paul Seminary.

8. The seven Dioceses and Bishops of the Province of Florida own SVdP. A very large percentage of the budget to operate and maintain SVdP is shared by each of the seven Diocese. The Rector/President is appointed by these Bishops and serves as the seminary's chief executive. Rev. Msgr. David L. Toups, the current rector,  was appointed to that position in 2012.

9. The seminary is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Masters degrees. The Association of Theological Schools of the United States and Canada also fully accredits the seminary. SVdP was re-accredited in 2010 for 10 additional years.

10. For the most part, the seminarians are from one of the seven Dioceses of Florida, sent here at the recommendation and request of their respective Bishop. There are between 70 and 90 seminarians enrolled.  The seminarians and students that are studying here represent many ethnic backgrounds including the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe.  However, the seminarians that are here will serve in Dioceses primarily within the State of Florida.

11. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (also known as St. Vincent de Paul Society) is a social services non-profit agency that has operations all across the US, serving people of all faiths and backgrounds. They are independently run and have no connection to SVdP Regional Seminary other than sharing the name of the beloved patron St. Vincent de Paul.

12. In the Ordination Program, approximately 106-120 credit hours are required to be completed.  91 of these are core credit hours, required in order to receive a Masters of Divinity degree. Core credit hour studies include; scripture, systematic theology, moral theology, church history, and pastoral theology.

13. SVdP is both proud and honored to have a 31 member faculty:  20 of these are priest, 12 of which are resident priests, possessing more than 67 degrees of higher education, including doctorates.

14. Catholics, friends, and supporters of SVdP may help by being an advocate for vocations.  One may also volunteer to help at the seminary or within their Diocese by hosting events that promote the seminary.

Additionally, financial support is always needed.  One may consider becoming a member of the Rector's Guild or remember SVDP in their will or estate plans. Chartiable Gift Annunities may also be considered. Other attractive Named & Memorial gift opportunities are available to honor or remember loved ones. Event sponsorships is another choice that is helpful in support of the seminary.

15. As time and schedules permit, group visits may be arranged for tours and visitor orientation programs. During the school year, Mass is offered at 12:15 p.m. on Wednesdays.  Groups may also offer to host speakers from the seminary and conduct special events or fund raisers to support seminarians.

16. SVdP has a diverse multi-cultural student body.  While most students are from the state of Florida, others are from the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Currently, SVdP has a total enrollement of 121 students.  Of that number, 84 are seminarians.   The remaining students are either in the Deacon certification program or are other non-resident students in the Masters program. (For a complete list of seminarians by Diocese and Parish, call your Diocese or our office.

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