Oscar C. Schorp Library

The newest structure at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary is the Library & Administration building on the far north end of the campus. If you've been to the campus, you have undoubtedly seen this building. It is a wonderful addition and a significant resource.

However, not many know who made this campus addition possible. The late Mr. Oscar C. Schorp, who passed away in August of 1992, bequeathed the majority of his estate to the seminary. This bequest made it possible for the seminary to build this facility, which not only houses our library and computer center, but administrative offices, as well.

The new library was dedicated in February 1996 by the Most Reverend John C. Favalora, Archbishop of Miami. The collection and furnishings were moved into the new facility in May 1996 and the new library was ready for use upon the commencement of the fall semester, August 1996. Since occupying the new library, more than 16,000 volumes have been added and it is anticipated that there will be sufficient space for approximately 25 years of uninterrupted collection development.

The collection currently consists of over 75,000 volumes, including 13,000 bound periodicals, 1,200 audiovisuals and 26 computer databases. The collection is currently housed within 17,500 square feet of the new building, excluding office and storage space. The architect was Spillis, Candela and Associates of Coral Gables and the contractor was Rick Mouw of Delray Beach.

The former library has been renovated into office and classroom space. The principal focus of collection development is in the area of graduate level theology and philosophy, in English and in Spanish, in all available media, which supports the primary mission of the Seminary- the training of Roman Catholic priests in a bilingual-multicultural program and environment.

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