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Friends of the Seminary

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Our Haiti Mission

The tarp is coming off and a roof will be raised.

Thank you to all who helped us achieve our goal.

We can't wait to share the updates on the build with you.

Tampa, FL.

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Priestly Formation Priestly Formation

  • Prayers for vocations are being answered....
  • Visit St. Vincent's Chapel and our beautiful seminary
A Message from the Rector Regarding the New Year

Dear Friends,

Thank you for "stopping by" our website. It is our hope that our seminary can offer you hope for the future of the Church. Please read the PDF version of our seminary magazine Seeds of Hope in order to encounter the wonderful seminarians preparing for priesthood here at St. Vincent de Paul.  

As we begin the 2014/15 academic year, we are blessed to welcome 24 new and 69 returning seminarians to St. Vincent's. Our seminarians come from every corner of Florida as well as both dioceses of Georgia, Jamaica, New York, Connecticut, Michigan, Chicago and the Bahamas. 

The renovation and expansion of our campus continues with great strides being made.  The new dormitories are expected to be completed by December, just in time for second semester.

Your devotion to prayer for the increase in vocations and your support of St. Vincent's and the mission of the Church in Florida continue to bear fruit. In this era of revitalization in our Church, St. Vincent's formation of the next generation of faithful priests is essential; know that the seminary community is faithfully and lovingly committed to this mission.

Please continue to keep our seminarians, faculty and administration in your prayers.  We look forward to seeing you at one of our events this year and/or at our Wednesday 12:15 pm Mass which is open to the public while school is in session.  God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Msgr. David L. Toups

2014-2015 Calendar


Save the Dates

Academic Year 2014 - 2015
*September 13 -14 ~ Family Weekend (Institution of Lector & Acolyte)
September 26 - Friends of the Seminary 
October 16 ~ Academic Evening - George Weigel
October 30 ~ Town and Gown - Msgr. Mike Muhr
November 2 ~ The Remembrance Tree
*November 12 ~ Legacy Society Luncheon
December 7 ~ Donor Recognition Mass & Brunch
January 29 ~ Town and Gown - Rev. Robert Christian
*February 11 ~ Rector's Guild Dinner
March 19 ~ Joe-Paddy Festival

*Indicates this event is by invitation only.

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