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Seminarians - Student Life

For more detailed information, contact Fr. Remek Blaszkowski, Vice Rector and Dean of Human Formation at:

On Campus Activities

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Meals in the refectory are always a special time for students, faculty, and staff. SVdP is fortunate to have a talented kitchen staff led by Chef Philippe Pedemey. Hot, nutritious meals are served three times a day, seven days a week, during each semester. The refectory also serves as the location of many special events, receptions, and other gatherings throughout the year. 

Evenings of Formation

The Evenings of Formation are an integral element of the theologate's program for formation. The seminary seeks to create the atmosphere necessary for education, formation, and praxis so that the newly ordained candidate may begin a pastoral ministry. 

"The Seminary should teach seminarians that their formation and development is a lifelong process of conversion and does not end with ordination."

The Evenings of Formation help the seminarian to see himself as entering an ongoing, never-ending process of conversion lived out personally and as a part of a greater community. They help the seminarian to integrate the different aspects of formation and to establish attitudes, habits, and practices in the seminary that will continue after ordination.

The topics covered by the Evenings of Formation deal with both the personal and the communal dimensions of priestly commitment, and are addressed to the particular year of formation in the theologate. Active participation in the Evenings of Formation is a requirement in the Human Formation area of the M.Div. degree program. They are usually held once a month on Thursday evening for an hour and a half.

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