Monthly Reflection

Reflections on Prayer
Part 2

Anyone who has ever really tried to pray reflectively knows about distractions and how frustrating they can be.  I'm talking about those pesky thoughts that come barreling into our minds when we try to become still and quiet for any length of time.  For me, they usually show up about one and a half minutes into my time with God.  >Read More

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Archdiocese of Miami

Oswaldo Edilson Agudelo 

Hector F. Amortegui 

James Arriola (RM)

Javier Barreto 

Gustavo M. Barros

Ion Chamorro

Julio E. De Jesus

Edgardo De los Santos 

Luis Alberto Flores 

Bryan A. Garcia

Kevin A. Garcia 

Michael A. Garcia

Matthew Gomez 

Matias A. Hualpa

Luis Manuel Pavon

Ivan Rodriguez (RM)

David Romero (RM) 

Alexander E. Rivera 

Juan Carlos Salazar

Fenly E. Saint Jean  

Phillip H. Tran 

Alvaro Antonio Vega 


Diocese of Orlando

Blake A. Britton 

Edwin Neftali Cardona 

Christopher L. Dorsey

Mark D. Labelle

Luis J. Nieves 

Hoang M. Nguyen 

Juan Manuel Osorno 

Luis G. Salazar 

Joshua T. Swallows 


Diocese of Palm Beach

Scott J. Adams

Daniel A. Daza-Jaller 

Martin Lauzerne Dunne 

Wesler Hilaire 

Wisman Simeon 


Diocese of Pensacola/Tallahassee

Matthew M. Busch

John V. Campbell 

Luke William Farabaugh 

Dustin R. Feddon 

Michael E. Hartley

Jacob M. Jaks

Thomas H. Kennell 

Paul H. Moody 

Stephen X. Olson


Diocese of St. Augustine

Fernando J. Chang

Wilson M. Colmenares

Bryan Holtz 

David M. Keegan 

Lawrence G. Peck

Yean Reyes 

John C. Sollee

Philip P. Timlin 


Diocese of St. Petersburg

Daniel T. Angel

Elbert M. Ballado

Kyle P. Bell 

Curtis V. Carro 

Elixavier Castro Cruz 

Steven C. Dornquast 

Jonathan R. Emery 

Brain C. Fabiszewski 

Felipe Gonzalez 

Joseph G. Plesko 

Thomas J. Reeves 

William M. Santhouse 

Kyle D. Smith 

Jonathan E. Stephanz 

Louis G. Turcotte

Anthony J. Ustick

Timothy R. Williford


Diocese of Venice

Crawford Joseph Bennett

Lawton C. Lang 


Diocese of Savannah

Christopher R. Hassel

Vernon W. Knight 

Philip T. Nyikyaa

John D. Wright 


Archdiocese of Hartford

Patrick M. Kane 


Diocese of Kalamazoo

Roberto J. Guerrero

Rev. Evelio Ramirez-Rios


Archdiocese of Nassau

Richard Ashley Cartwright 


Apostolic Society Sons of the Divine Will

Nicholas J. Abate – St. Cloud

Joseph P. Decker – St. Cloud

Archdiocese of Kingston 

M. Lucas G. Joseph Elango

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