Monthly Reflection

Reflections on Prayer
Part 2

Anyone who has ever really tried to pray reflectively knows about distractions and how frustrating they can be.  I'm talking about those pesky thoughts that come barreling into our minds when we try to become still and quiet for any length of time.  For me, they usually show up about one and a half minutes into my time with God.  >Read More

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On All Souls Day, the Church commemorates and prays for the holy souls in Purgatory.

The Palm Beach Diocesan Council of Catholic Women and St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary have created a special memoriam to remember departed loved ones on this day and throughout the year.

For a small donation, you can have the names of your deceased loved ones inscribed on a scroll, which would then be buried at the base of The Remembrance Tree during a prayerful ceremony on November 2, 2012.

Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito will preside over the ceremony which will take place on the grounds of St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, in Boynton Beach. All participants will receive an invitation to attend the ceremony as well as a luncheon with our seminarians, which will follow.

Each year the scroll will be replaced with a new one. Seminarians who walk the grounds in prayer or meditation can pray for those whose names are buried beneath The Remembrance Tree.

To remember your departed loved ones in this special way you can enroll online or by mail. The deadline for submissions is October 12, 2012.

Online: and click on donate now. Please choose The Remembrance Tree from pull down box and fill out all the appropriate information.

By mail: Please make checks payable to St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary and return with the slip below to: 

The Remembrance Tree
St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary
10701 S Military Trail
Boynton Beach, FL 33436-4899

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