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The Wall of Recognition

On Sunday, December 7, 2008, St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary dedicated "The Wall of Recognition" as part of its annual Donor Mass and Brunch.

"This permanent recognition of our alumni, friends, and leaders is most fitting and long awaited," said Monsignor Keith R. Brennan, Rector-President at the time.  "Those who are memorialized on the Wall are an important part of our legacy and will forever carry forth the spirit of our mission."

The handcrafted and custom designed Wall incorporates the architectural elements of both the seminary and chapel.  Several arch-shaped panels made of oak, glass, and decorative surfaces in colors reminiscent of the chapel display the names of former rectors, lay and religious award recipients, alumni who are or have served as Bishops, and a very special panel of deceased alumni.  The center display includes an engraving of the seminary's coat of arms, mission statement, and a quotation of Pope John Paul II, regarding the call to the priesthood and service to the people of God.

Other panels of the Wall list members of the seminary's annual giving society, The Rector's Guild and permanent listings of The Legacy Society, Chairs of the Friends of the Seminary, and major contributors to that event since 2004.  The Wall also recognizes named and memorial gifts made to furnish the chapel, restore the stained glass windows, design, create and purchase a new tabernacle, processional cross, paschal candle, and a number of other  chapel items.

Located in the west corridor of the seminary chapel, The Wall has been designed for future expansion and movement of both listings and panels.  It includes interchangeable photos depicting the spirit of the seminary's mission to educate men for the priesthood, as well as images of supporters and leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions About St. Vincent de Paul's Wall of Recognition

Friends and supporters have been asking about how they can become a part of The Wall of Recognition, or become more involved with the work of the seminary to educate priests.  To help answer these questions, we put together this Q&A list to help our friends understand more about our newly dedicated recognition area, and ways to support SVDP. 

1.   How can seminary supporters participate or become a part of The Wall of Recognition?

There are several ways.  Supporters can join The Legacy Society, Rector's Guild, make a named or memorial gift and/or volunteer. See the questions and answers below for more details.

2.   What other opportunities are there to make a named or memorial gift for Chapel adornments?

Several new opportunities are available now that the seminary has the proper means to recognize such gifts.  Supporters can have their name or the names of loved ones, living or deceased, honored or memorialized. Chapel pews can be named for gifts of $3,000, and stained glass sections for $1,000.  There is a limited supply of pews and stained glass sections, however more than enough should be available in the next few months.

3.   How can I join The Legacy Society?

Anyone who makes provisions in their will or estate plans is entitled to membership in The Legacy Society, (there is no minimum gift required for membership).  Individual donors may create their own charitable trusts, leave paid up insurance policies, a percentage of their estate or a fixed dollar amount to the seminary.  The seminary also now offers Charitable Gift Annuities. Gifts of real property such as jewelry, appreciated art, stocks, real estate, cars, boats and other financial instruments may also be left to the seminary in ones estate plans. All such gifts (outright or planned) can mean sustainable savings on taxes. Much more information is available at The seminary is charitable organization, recognized by the IRS.  All gifts are tax deductive to the full extent of the law.  Please contact the Development Office at 561-732-4424, ext. 152 for more information.

4.  How can I make a gift to SVDP?

Two popular ways are by check, or online via credit card on this web site. Please go to Donate Now on this site. Pledges over a period of time can also be made, as well planned gifts. (see question 3.)

5.   How can I become a member of the Rector's Guild?     

Donors who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more are automatically recognized as members of the Rector's Guild.  The six (6) available levels of membership all include a number of benefits and privileges.  Call the Development Office at (561) 732-4424, ext 152 for more detailed information.

6.   How can I become a volunteer for SVDP?

Volunteers are needed to help solicit funds and recruit auction items for "Friends of the Seminary," The Joe-Paddy Festival and several times a year to help stuff and stamp letters. The seminary is also in need of volunteers to help (manpower) with the set-up of events on an as needed basis. Contact the Development office for more information.

7.   What other events are taking place in the near future at SVDP I can participate?

Friends of the Seminary, our annual signature fund raising event is typically the first or second Friday evening each February. Tickets (not yet available) and reservations are required. Please check this site in October for more information.

The Joe-Paddy Festival, a new event started in 2009 surrounding the celebrations of St. Patrick and St. Joseph, will be held again the second week in March. The event will include 2 musical groups, one Irish, under a big top tent on the SVDP campus. This is a casual outdoor event for everyone. Tickets are $50 per person. A number of sponsorship opportunties are also available. This event is being organized by the SVDP Student Council to support campus improvements and operations. More information will be available each November. Please check back on this website for more information then.



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