Oscar C. Schorp Library

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Lost or Damaged Materials

In fiscal year 2016, the average cost of any book purchased was $43.65. Scholarly books and audiovisual materials tend to cost more.  Keep this in mind when you borrow materials since you are personally responsible for returning them in good condition.  Before you leave the seminary, and prior to summer vacation, you will need to return all borrowed materials and pay for any materials which are lost or damaged.


Materials placed on reserve by faculty are to be treated as reference materials. The reserve material must be returned to the reserve shelf within 2 hours so others may have access. Only videotapes placed on reserve may be taken from the library facility for viewing. However, these must be returned the same day or the morning of the following day.

Rare Books

The rare book room is kept locked. It is only available for use while the staff is present in their offices. These books are irreplaceable and may not be accessed except in the rare book room itself.  Ask one of the staff if you would like to access these materials and let a librarian know when you plan to vacate the room.

Interlibrary Loans 

Requests for materials that are not in our collection are handled by the Library Director. There may be a delay of two weeks or more to receive any material ordered so take that into consideration before making an interlibrary loan request.  Also, there may be a fee of up to $5.00 per item to reimburse the expenses of the lending library. Returning an interlibrary loan item late will also result in additional fees. Moreover, in order to submit an interlibrary loan request, you must not have any overdue materials charged against your name.

Library Copy Machines

There is one photocopier located in the copy room in the periodicals area of the library.  The copier uses silver coins and dollar bills.  Copies are ten cents each. Pennies, dollar coins, half dollars and foreign coins will jam the machine.  You may see the library director for change or assistance in using the machine.  

Study Carrels and Study Tables

There are 26 study carrels in the library which may be reserved for a period of one academic year by any registered student.  These are located in the periodicals area of the library. To reserve a study carrel, please see the periodicals librarian.  Bound periodicals may be placed on study carrels on the shelf so they are visible to the library staff. Books left in the carrels must have been checked out first. Reference materials, current periodicals,reserve books, and audiovisual materials may never be left in the carrels. 

Library Computers and Printer 

All computers in the library use the login croom and the password vincent.The library computer located at the reference and circulation desk are to be used for searching library holdings only.  The computer located on the floor in the periodicals area is used to search periodical databases. Computers in the computer lab are designed for word processing or searching loaded compact disks. Attempting to use any of these computers beyond their specified purpose could cause problems for you and the next person who needs to use them. Ask for assistance if you encounter a problem using any of the library's computers.

In order to use the printers in the computer lab you need to provide your own paper or purchase a package of 500 sheets for $3 from the library director.  If a printer cartridge needs to be replaced or you encounter any problems with printing, please see one of the library staff. 

Telephone Located on Circulation Desk

The telephone located on the library circulation desk is available primarily as an emergency phone.  Please do not use it for your personal phone calls.  If you need to use it, please be sure to speak quietly and for a short duration.

Map of Library
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The late Mr. Oscar C. Schorp, who passed away in August of 1992, bequeathed the majority of his estate to the seminary. This bequest made it possible for the seminary to build this facility, which not only houses our library and computer center, but administrative offices, as well.

The new library was dedicated in February 1996 by the Most Reverend John C. Favalora, Archbishop of Miami. The collection and furnishings were moved into the new facility in May 1996 and the new library was ready for use upon the commencement of the fall semester, August 1996.

The collection currently consists of over 79,000 volumes, including 16,000 bound periodicals, 1,400 audiovisuals and 26 computer databases. The collection is currently housed within 17,500 square feet of the new building, excluding office and storage space.

The architect was Spillis, Candela and Associates of Coral Gables and the contractor was Rick Mouw of Delray Beach. The former library has been renovated into office and classroom space.

The principal focus of collection development is in the area of graduate level theology and philosophy, in English and in Spanish, in all available media, which supports the primary mission of the Seminary- the training of Roman Catholic priests in a bilingual-multicultural program and environment.

Former Librarians

Rev. Carey Leonard 1963-1965

Rev. Leslie W. Sheridan 1965-1972

Sr. Patricia Mary O'Brien 1972-1974

Rev. John A. Crowley 1974-1983

Br. Frank Mazsick 1983-1987

José L. Romo 1988-1996