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Seminarians - Student Life

For more detailed information, contact Fr. Remek Blaszkowski, Vice Rector and Dean of Human Formation at:

Student Financial Aid

Financial aid for seminarians is usually provided through the vocations office of his diocese. St. Vincent de Paul Seminary participates in the Direct Loan program. A financial statement must be submitted and a needs analysis is made by the Federal Student Aid Processor (FAFSA).

To qualify for a student loan, a student must be enrolled on at least a half-time basis. E-mail for more information.

Students new to the Direct Loan program must complete entrance counseling at and then apply for a loan at Repayment of loans begins six months after graduation, withdrawal, or dropping below half time.


The seminary recommends that seminarians receive counseling from their Ordinary or Vocation Director prior to applying for a student loan. The seminary also recommends that students do not apply for loans exceeding $4,000 per academic year, bearing in mind the earning potential of a diocesan priest and his ability to repay.

Students may now review their own federal record on NSLDS. Self-service financial aid tools with Next Student.  Refer to these links::

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