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Oscar C. Schorp Library
General Patron - Library Policies

Library Policies (Revised July, 2006) 

Sound carries in the library. Please be courteous to others who are studying and speak quietly when talking.

The use of phones, beepers, pagers, cellular phones, games, televisions, or radios is not permitted in the facility. When you enter the facility, please turn off the sound on all cell phones. Portable radios or music players may be used with headphones in the computer lab or at one of the listening stations in the rear of the periodicals area.

Laptops computers may be used within the facility provided that the speakers are turned off.

Eating, drinking, and smoking are not permitted in the library.

This policy supports the research environment. No food, drink, candy or gum may be brought in the library, wrapped or otherwise. A waterfountain is located at the east end of the periodicals area for your convenience but no water should be carried to a study area. 

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