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Seminarians - Student Life

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Student Council

The Student Council is an important and necessary catalyst for the growth and development of community life. It affords the opportunity for seminarians to participate in leadership roles and encourages creative activity in the community.

The Student Council exists and operates as an organized committee, elected by the seminarians to do the following:

1. to provide a vehicle of communication among the administration, faculty and seminarians;

2. obtain and provide a consensus of seminarians opinions;

3. coordinate community activities and organizations;

4. form Ad Hoc Committees to address particular needs;

5. administer students funds and properties;

6. oversee the operation of the seminary Bookstore (Vincentian Bookmart) and Rathskeller.

Student Council Officers 2012 - 2013

President : Rev. Mr. Kyle Smith

Vice President: Brian Garcia

Treasurer: Anthony Ustick

Secretary: Crawford Bennet

 IV. Theology Dean: Rev. Mr. Brian Fabiszewski

 III.  Theology Dean: Philip Tran

 Pastoral Year Dean: John Wright

 II.  Theology Dean: Alexander Rivera

  I. Theology Dean: To be determined

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