Seminary Celebrates Year of Faith

As the Universal Church inaugurated the Year of Faith on Thursday, October 11th, St. Vincent's celebrated this occasion in its own special way. More than 90 seminarians from St. John Vianney, our minor seminary in Miami, converged on St. Vincent's for a day of sports, prayer, education, and inspiration.

Highlighting the day was a moving Eucharistic Procession and Exposition. Rev. Msgr. Toups, accompanied by 180 seminarians and clergy, processed in song across the campus to St. Vincent's Chapel. This was the largest gathering of seminarians from the State of Florida in the history of SVdP. Evening prayer followed with a reflection by Rev, Msgr. Toups on the Year of Faith. In his address to the students of both seminaries he stated, "Pope Benedict XVI reflected upon two words as he addressed the opening of the Synod on the New Evangelization at the very beginning of the Year of Faith: confessio and caritas – witness and charity! You my dear brothers, who are our future priests, need to be men who bear witness to Christ by the example of your lives through charity and love.

We begin this grace-filled year with a Eucharistic procession today around our campus, because it is the Eucharist, our "daily Bread", which sustains and transforms our lives to more like that of the Jesus, the Great High Priest. As the priest takes bread and says the words "this is my Body" Christ becomes present, but in addition, the priest offers his body to the Church as a living sacrifice – this is our daily witness (confessio) of love (caritas), "for there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." The Eucharist feeds and nourishes us in order that we might feed and nourish those entrusted to our pastoral care." After a community dinner, nearly 100 friends of the seminary joined seminarians and faculty for the Academic Day presentation on "The Shroud of Turin." Former NASA Scientist and Shroud of Turin expert, Ed Prior remarked, "The Shroud is considered the most mysterious relic in history.

It has been called the Riddle of the Ages by Time magazine." Prior went on to present historical data and new scientific developments which seem to reveal evidence for the Shroud's authenticity with some scientists claiming the image was formed by light or radiation.

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