Alumni are the legacy of every institution.  At St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, we believe that our relationship with our students does not end when they graduate.  We value our Alumni and hope to continue some type of relationship with each of them as they go into the world to declare the good news of Christ and serve His Church.

We are very interested in increasing the awareness across the entire Catholic community about the successes, accomplishments and activities of our alumni.  Your vocation reflects upon your alma mater and it is our responsibility to make our supporters and friends aware of all the wonderful work you are doing.  Please contribute to this effort so that we may continue to expand this recognition for the greater good of vocations and SVDP Seminary.

SVDP has entered a new era which promises to increase our awareness and identity across the state.  We must utilize every available means to spread the word about the role and mission of our institution, as well as describe the fruits of our labor.  Today the web, direct mail, and other electronic media play a much larger role in engendering the support which the seminary sorely needs. You can help us accomplish these goals.

Just as the seminary has invested time and resources which increase awareness of our presence, would you include in your parish bulletin or other widely distributed publications and/or web sites the enclosed news release about St. Vincent's and include our website at  We believe it will play an ever-increasing role in the future of our seminary and raise the level of awareness and education of SVDP within the Catholic community.

Alumni Representative:

Fr. Jason Trull - Class of 2002
Diocese of St. Augustine

Contact Fr. Trull -